I had a unique situation

I had a unique situation where I had recently been divorced and left my former home. My goal was to rent for a year and then try to find something on or close to The Hill to purchase. We had a few things that were “must haves.” We decided to visit a few open houses to see what was out there.

We ran into Kay at an open house that she was hosting. She impressed us with her professionalism, but even more with her sincerity. If you have ever been to an open house, the agents are sometimes a little snotty when you tell them that you were more curious about the house than looking to buy it. Kay, while she still tried to sell the house, asked us where we were in our search and what we were looking for in a home. Believe me, she would have loved to have sold THAT house to us, but she seemed earnest in her desire to maybe help us.

A week later we signed a “Buyer’s Agreement” with her and we were off and slogging. Slogging through a terribly slow housing market. We found a house and put in a contract. I freaked out because I wanted to meet my five year old son’s desire. I wanted to retract the contract. We got lucky and it was countered, so we walked away. Kay was understanding and forged ahead, but only after making us promise not to look at listings for a week. She thought that we were getting a little to desperate. Not only that, but when I wanted to quit looking due to the slow market, she kept me on track.

Eventually, after a few more months she found us a beautiful 1920s bungalow on a corner lot, with a giant tree, big yard and…an upstairs for my son. The house needed a new sewer and she made sure it was done right.

My son still says that “Kay found us the perfect house.” Kay doesn’t know he says that. My son is right. If you want an agent to find you what YOU want, an agent who will sift through what you say to find what you mean, you want to have Kay Scheller as your buyers agent. I can’t say enough about how great she is.

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